Rio de Janeiro Carnival Tickets Sambadrome 2024

Rio de Janeiro Carnival Sambadrome is one of the most famous event in the world. Carnival of Rio de Janeiro at Sambadrome is full of color and joy and attracts visitors from all over the world. Carnival in Rio is also a very strong manifestations of the Brazil Cuture. During Rio Carnival the streets are filled with music and the climax is the spectacular Rio Samba Parades that takes place at Rio Sambadrome. A brilliant event that cannot be missed if you are in Rio de Janeiro during this time. Buy Rio Carnival Tickets Sambadrome safely with Ticket Rio Carnival. Ticket Rio is the only company with a physical store in Rio and has 13 years experience specialized in Rio Carnival Tickets.

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Get to Know the types of Rio Carnival Sambadrome Tickets:

Grandstand Seats Tickets. Grandstand at sambadrome are the most popular carnival tickets (and the cheapest ones) to watch the Rio carnival parades at Sambadrome in Rio de Janeiro. This type of ticket offers an excellent general view to the samba parades. They are not numbered seats, giving you the freedom to pick your spot (except Sector 09). A good tip is to get early to garantee a good place in the beginning of the steps. Many turists prefer the section 09 because they can have a secure place all night. But anyone can buy any section.

Numbered Chair Tickets (Allocated Chair)The numbered chair are only located at the end of sambadrome on Sector 12 and 13. They have numbered seats and is situated at the same level at the parades. Many people prefer the numbered chairs because they are not so expensive as a Front Box but you can still have an assigned seat.

Front Box A/B or C/D Tickets. The front boxes are the best places to watch the Rio de Janeiro Carnival parades closely. They are divided into 4 rows: A, B, C or D. Each box has 6 chairs and can be bought by the chair or the whole box (for 6 person). The row A is glued to the parade and the row D the highest and further one. Each Row has step for good view (except for row A). Front boxes are sold by A/B or C/D, the client receive A or B / C or D according the availability.

Traditional Suites for Groups or Companies (Camarotes) Tickets. The Traditional Suites are small room up to 15 ou 18 people located on the first ou second floor of Sambadrome with great view and ALL INCLUSIVE service. They are usually taken by groups ou company who care for privacy and exclusive service such as VIP Buffet, Premium Open Bar, Exclusive Transfer, Special decoration (with company logo if require), TV, Air conditioning among others.

Super Camarotes Lounge (VIP Covered Lounge Box). The Super Camarote Lounge are a great way to watch the parade because combine the joy of watching the parade really close with a big party inside featuring Live Music, Shows and Dj’s for entreteniment during the breaks. With a real Premium All Inclusive Service, The Super Camarotes has a Lounge Area where suppose to be the Front Boxes so people can see every detail of the parades. For details please go to our on line store.




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