Carnival Rio Tickets Sambadrome – FAQ

What should I decide before buying my Carnival Rio tickets?
The day, the sector and the type of ticket (if you want to stay in the stands, in one of the assigned private seats, sit in a box, in a luxury suit or a club in the party room).

What day should I buy my tickets?
The best and most important parades are the Sunday Carnival and Monday, when the biggest and best samba schools will parade (the main parades). The two days are similar in terms of configuration and quality. 6 of the best 12 samba schools in the Primera Liga (the Special Group) march on both days.
The access parades (Friday and Saturday) compete with each other to be in the Special Group next year. They have a smaller budget and therefore are not as luxurious as the parades of the Special Group (Sunday, Second and Champions). But they are very beautiful, creative and have everything that a parade of the Special Group has (Autos alegrías, thousands of participants and etc). If you have the time and can pay go to the Parade of the Special Group. If not, the Access Group is also a great option to get to know the Carnival of the Sambódromo River. The schools of the Special Group compete among themselves to be the Carnival Champion.

Is the same show on Sunday and Monday?
Different schools march at the Carnival on Sunday and Monday, which are the two main parades. Thus, the show is different. See the 2018 Parading Order & Schedule to decide for the day, depending on which schools you want to see.

What are the best sectors?
There are clients who prefer to stay at the beginning of the parade because they can see fireworks, the singers give the war cry (but they lose the general vision) and there are clients who prefer to stay at the end because they can see the evolution of the school on the avenue (but Between one school and another one more delay). Sectors in the middle are more expensive as the medium contemplates the middle term between the two options.

Which side shoul I get ? odd sector or an even sector?
The even sectors are ideal for the one who goes from subway to the station of the square. Eleven meters is closer than the Presidente Vargas station oriented to the odd side. If you go transfer there is not much sector difference.

As a tourist, am I obligated to buy tickets for sector 9?
Although Sector 9 is generally known as “The Tourism Sector”, do not hesitate to ask for any type of ticket available on our dedicated Samba Parade tickets page.

Are the seats numbered and assigned?
All the boxes and sectors 9 seats, the Private Chairs in sector 12 and 13 are numbered and assigned. All the other stands offer free seats, without assigned places where the principle of “first come, first served” applies.
Our allocation of the exact seats of the required seat type takes place shortly before the collection of tickets to optimize the requests, making all efforts to assign contiguous seats for people in groups.

What are the best tickets?
The luxury suites have by far the best seats in the Sambadrome. These suites are covered boxes with the best view, at a high level.
Our luxury suites are air-conditioned and offer VIP treatment with a sumptuous buffet dinner where two butlers per suite serve drinks throughout the night. You will be among the final “A” crowd here.
Our special additional security guard at the entrance of our suites provide an additional level of security that guarantees admission only to our VIP guests with tickets to that suite.
The boxes open in front of most sectors are also excellent. Consider crude C or D for a better view at a slightly higher level. As Brazilians prefer to raws right on the samba track, raw A is more expensive.

What tickets are still available?
All tickets still available for ordering appear on our dedicated Samba page ticket page. Do not hesitate to ask for them.

Are there discounts for children or students?
Children under 5 can not attend the Samba parade.
The incomes of students and elderly people are limited and sold in advance to Brazilians (CPF document required). Travel agencies generally do not market this type of income.